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Online Backup Solutions

Online backup storage became popular in recent years with a growth and availability of high-speed internet connection to computer users. As upload and download speeds grow it becomes possible to move large amounts of user information to and from data servers.

Online backup is frequently referred to as cloud backup. Most typical use of cloud backup that mobile and computer users encounter is photo and video backup. Many mobile devices vendors use cloud back up to prevent data loss and also save storage on device. With cloud backup it is possible to only store small resolution copies of photos and videos on the device while full versions are uploaded to the cloud. Besides photos and videos, it is also possible to backup documents, notes, contacts and other important information to the cloud.

In some cases, availability of cloud backup completely changed how data is stored. An example of such transformation are office documents. Previously most of the documents produced by computer office software was stored on the hard drives. But with advent of cloud backup documents completely moved to the cloud skipping the local storage. For example, Google Docs online office application doesn’t use local storage to store documents. Everything is stored online and when user needs to edit a document all is needed is a computer with an internet connection.

Cloud backups also become popular for business applications. Online backup solutions like Amazon Glacier or Microsoft Azure Backup provides effective backup solutions for large amounts of business data. Having backups in the cloud could be especially helpful if business is already using either Amazon AWS of Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

In certain cases, online backup my not be an option. If size of data to backup is very large cost of moving it over the internet could become prohibitive. Sometimes shipping hard drives or tapes across the country could be more effective rather than uploading or downloading data. Sensitive information which required strict access control may also be a bad candidate for online backup. Having such information backed up locally on tape disconnected from the internet makes it much better protected then in cloud storage.