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Backup File Extensions

Backup file extensions are used for the purposes of information backup. Backup information could range from just one file backup copy or an entire disk drive backup copy.


BAK is a file extension used for general purpose backup files. It means that there is no specific software which generates BAK files. Any software which needs to create backup of some kind of information may create a BAK file. Also frequently BAK file extension is appended to a file which stores a copy of original file for the auto-save purposes.


TMP file extension is used to store or backup temporary information. Information in TMP files is not needed at the current time and is stored either until it becomes necessary or until it is no longer needed.


TIB file extension is used by Acronis True Image software. TIB files store backup image of a hard drive and can include either files from the hard drive backup or a sector-by-sector backup of a hard drive. It is recommended not to change file extension from TIB to something else as Acronis True Image may not be able to recognize it. TIB files could be used for short- or long-term backup purposes. Data from TIB files could be restored partially or completely.


SQL file extension is typically used to store multiple SQL commands in a single file. Very frequently files with SQL extension are used to store full or partial backups of the database. To restore such backup, you will need a database software which was used to create the backup.


TAR is a very popular file extension used to store long- and short-term backups. TAR file contains multiple files and folders merged together into a single file. Typically, TAR is used together with GZ file extension and when used together it stores compressed versions of files.