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Open BAK File

File extension bak is mostly associated to the backup files created automatically by Windows operating system or by any other third party. Files can be opened through several operating system platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Files should be renamed back to its original source in order for it to be opened by similar application. Earlier implementation of the bak files strongly imposed the conventional file system naming. Filenames should only contain a maximum of 8 characters and 3 characters for the extension. However, this was overridden with the newer operating systems.

In Windows, an ordinary text file can be copied to a bak file using the "copy" command the through the Command Prompt. Main application open BAK file only in case when any changes in the system occurs or sudden system failure.

Typically there is no actual danger accompanied with opening BAK files. However, there are instances when worms and viruses are sent through email using bak extensions as part of the filename in order to deceive the recipient. This may look similar to "Love.bak.vbs" where the actual file is composed mainly of Visual Basic Script.

Applications such as WinRaR used for extended file compression and CuteFTP for file transfer protocol have their own BAK files when installed on a system. Notepad application can open bak files, but series of ASCII codes will be visible accompanied by plain text.

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  Backup File
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  Depends on backed up information