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How to Open File Extensions That You Don't Know? - Part 2

If a file is received through email and comes from a legitimate sender, then it would be best ask for the appropriate application where the file was created. This will not only save you time, but resources as well. But most of the time, files sent to us require immediate attention that we do not have time to inquire for the source file.

System resources can also be used to open few unknown file extensions. Notepad is automatically installed in Windows and it can read several file types. Most text files can be opened in Notepad or WordPad. These are applications that can be found on most systems. However, some files even when successfully opened through Notepad may contain unreadable text. These are often represented with hexadecimal values and other characters that humans may have no clue to what it is.

There are also instances when a system can render similar files in the past, but a certain change in the registry triggered it to respond to a file as unknown. It can be due to wrong registry value or entirely corrupt registry. One way to resolve this is by running registry cleaners. Registry cleaners are applications designed to inspect Windows registry and clean from possible errors. Other applications create backups of the registry before doing any restoration and cleaning. Editing registry values manually may cause more damage to the system and is highly discouraged.

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